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2017 Should Be the Year Ukraine’s Economy Takes Off

Three years after the Revolution of Dignity, the Ukrainian economy has stabilized and is ready for growth. Will the growth be fast or slow? Dangers lie ahead, but opportunities prevail.

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Brexit’s Impact on the World Economy

LONDON – The febrile behavior of financial markets ahead of the United Kingdom’s referendum on June 23 on whether to remain in the European Union shows that the outcome will influence economic and political conditions around the world far more profoundly than Britain’s roughly 2.4% share of global GDP might suggest.

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State banks ready to support Ukrainian state companies’ entering new markets – Yatseniuk

1.03.2016 Economy, News Ivan Koval

State banks are ready to support industrial projects of Ukrainian state-owned companies to enter new foreign markets, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk has said.

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Fall of capital investment in Ukraine slows down to 1.7% in 2015

1.03.2016 Economy Ivan Koval

Capital investment in Ukraine decreased by 1.7% in 2015, whereas in the first nine months of 2015 the decline amounted to 6%, the first half of the year 9.2%, the first quarter 14.8% and in 2014 the figure stood at 24.1%, the State Statistics Service has said.

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Russia’s War on Ukraine’s Economy

WASHINGTON, DC – Ukraine’s economy may no longer be in free fall, but it remains in dire straits. The country’s GDP contracted by 6.8% last year, and is forecast to shrink by another 9% this year – a total loss of roughly 16% over two years. Ukraine’s primary economic challenges are not homegrown; they are the result of Russian aggression.

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