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Czech and Slovak experts comment on Russian military aggression and occupation of Crimea

The Czech and Slovak intellectuals in an open letter to the Ukrainian people expressed their conviction that the Russian invaders would leave Crimea and Donbas and in the near future Ukraine would become a strong European state. The letter was sent in connection with the second anniversary of the beginning of military aggression and occupation of Crimea by Russia, Ukrinform reports.

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U.S. Told Ukraine to Stand Down as Putin Invaded

As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces took over Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula in early 2014, the interim Ukrainian government was debating whether or not to fight back against the “little green men” Russia had deployed. But the message from the Barack Obama administration was clear: avoid military confrontation with Moscow.

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The Surrealism of Realism: Misreading the War in Ukraine

Most general readers following events in Ukraine may not be aware that much of the debate and many of the policy prescriptions among “experts” have been dominated by a school of thought in international relations scholarship known as “realism.” In a nutshell, realists have argued that US policy toward the Russo-Ukrainian conflict should be driven by pragmatic American interests and by the realities of Russia’s regional great-power status—two propositions few would disagree with. … читать полностью

Putin on Ice

Facing pressure from all sides, Putin is losing his geostrategic footing. His foreign-policy accomplishments over the last year should not be overestimated. By annexing Crimea, he lost Ukraine. And by “freezing” Donbas, he has buried his quasi-imperial EEU dream once and for all.

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